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ngo registration fees

NGO Registration Process in India: A Step-by-Step Guide for Indian Aspiring Change-makers


In India, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play a crucial role in addressing socio-economic challenges, empowering marginalized communities, and promoting sustainable development. The process of registering and establishing an NGO in India is a significant step towards making a positive impact on society. Here, we provide a comprehensive guide on the registration process, highlighting the key steps and requirements involved.

Understanding the Importance of NGO Registration:

Registration of an NGO in India is vital, as it grants legal recognition to the organization and enables it to operate within the framework of the law. Having a registered status helps NGOs to access government grants, seek tax exemptions, open bank accounts, and acquire funds from both national and international sources. Moreover, it enhances the credibility and transparency of the organization, attracting potential donors and volunteers.

Step-by-Step NGO Registration Process:

1. Choosing the Appropriate NGO Structure:
As per Indian regulations, NGOs can be registered under various acts, including the Societies Registration Act, Trusts Act, or Section 8 Company under the Companies Act. The selection of the appropriate structure depends on the nature, scope, and objectives of your NGO.

2. Naming and Memorandum Preparation:
Select a unique and relevant name for your NGO. Avoid using generic or religious names to ensure the acceptance of your registration application. Prepare a memorandum of association, outlining the organization’s mission, objectives, governance structure, and scope of activities.

3. Preparing the Required Documentation:
Compile necessary documents, including address proof, identity proof of members/board of trustees, and a rented/owned office space agreement (in some states). Additionally, prepare a set of rules and regulations governing the organization, specifying its operational procedures.

4. Application Submission:
Complete the relevant application form for NGO registration, available online or at the respective Registrar of Societies/Charity Commissioner’s Office. Provide accurate information, ensuring all documents are duly attested and submitted along with the application.

5. Review and Verification:
The Registrar will scrutinize the submitted documents and application. In some cases, an inspection of the proposed NGO’s office and its activities may be conducted. This step ensures the bona fide nature of the organization and the adherence to applicable laws.

6. Government Fees Payment:
Pay the prescribed registration fees, which vary depending on the type of NGO chosen. Ensure timely payment as specified by the Registrar to avoid any delays in the registration process.

7. Obtain Registration Certificate:
After the successful completion of the verification process, the Registrar will issue a registration certificate, confirming the legal existence of the NGO. This certificate is essential for availing the various benefits offered to registered NGOs.


Becoming an agent of change through the establishment of an NGO in India requires dedication, passion, and a thorough understanding of the registration process. By carefully following the steps highlighted in this guide, aspiring Indian change-makers can successfully register their NGOs, unlocking numerous opportunities to impact society positively. Remember, NGO registration not only provides legal recognition but also enhances credibility, transparency, and access to resources that can truly make a difference in the lives of those in need.,

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ngo registration fees

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ngo registration fees

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NGO Registration Fees – Get Chartered Accountant Services

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NGO Registration Fees – Get Chartered Accountant Services

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NGO Registration Fees – Get Chartered Accountant Services