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Introduction to CA

CA - The Foundation of Finance and Business in India

Chartered Accountant is a person who holds a professional, internationally acclaimed degree that holds proficiency in the field of accounting. Every country has its professional body that awards the degree after rigorous examination and prescribed years of practiceCAs generally deal in a marked interest within accounting, but perform tasks adjacent to audit, taxation, financial and general management along with a wide range of interests in business and finance.

Chartered Accountancy (CA): Full form

Chartered Accountants - The Hope for Business and Entrepreneurs

Chartered Accountancy is a professional practice of accounting, auditing, taxation, and financial assessment for an individual or an organisation. Chartered Accountant is a designation given to an accounting professional who has received certification from a statutory body that he/she is qualified to take care of the matters related to accounting and taxation of a business enterprise.

Chartered Accountancy includes filing tax returns, auditing financial statements and business practices, registration of the business organisation with the government, maintaining records of investments, preparing and reviewing financial reports and documents, etc. A professionally trained Chartered Accountant is also qualified to offer advisory services to clients which include companies and individuals.

The certification of Chartered Accountancy is the prerequisite to professional practice as a CA in India. Becoming a certified Chartered Accountant requires completing three levels of training designed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The ICAI is a statutory body that regulates and maintains the profession of chartered accountancy in India. Under the Scheme of Education and Training, a candidate can pursue a Chartered Accountant course either through Foundation Course Route or Direct Entry Route. Foundation course is the entry point into the course after Class 12, and the Direct Entry route is for those who have completed Graduation.

Understanding Chartered Accountants

Who are Chartered Accountants (CA)

The designation of a Chartered Accountant is recognized across many countries, except the US, where the CA equivalent is a Chartered Public Accountant (CPA). CAs can set up practices of their own or work for private and public and government firms. Duties performed by CAs are not limited to business and finance. They are also guides to help explore the avenues for professional networking, career and business development. Holding the credential of a CA makes them a credible authority to provide advisory benefits to clients.

The first body recognizing Chartered Accountants came about in Scotland in 1854. Now, there are rules and regulations, many varied methods that differ across countries for anyone to become a CA. In Canada, an undergraduate degree is a must to practise CA while in India, it’s not necessary. The primary focus is not limited to audit and taxation, despite how common they are. CAs may handle only one area of focus, may handle the entire accounting department or work freelance on their own.

Highlights of Chartered Accountants

Who are Chartered Accountants (CA)

Every country has a professional body that monitors the process of becoming a CA and awarding the credentials after the process of working for it is complete. For example, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) determines when a candidate can prefix CA to their name while Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales awards degrees in the United Kingdom as post-nominals.

The work of a CA is very wide, or narrow, as the candidate chooses their area of focus. They can choose where and how to carry out their duties in companies or elsewhere, and wear many hats in countless fields within accounting and finance.

CAs are employed in four major sectors: corporate finance, public practise in an accounting firm or freelance, forensic accounting or in major businesses.

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What Is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and What Do They Do?

Who are Chartered Accountants

A chartered accountant (CA) is a financial professional who is qualified to execute certain accounting procedures. It also refers to an accounting designation granted internationally to individuals aside from the United States. CAs work in four main areas, including applied finance, financial accounting and reporting, management accounting, and taxation. Their responsibilities may include filing taxes and auditing financial statements. This designation is the same as the certified public accountant (CPA) designation in the United States.

What Is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and What Do They Do?

What is the difference between Udyam Registration & Udyog Aadhar

A chartered accountant (CA) is a financial professional who is qualified to execute certain accounting procedures. It also refers to an accounting designation granted internationally to individuals aside from the United States. CAs work in four main areas, including applied finance, financial accounting and reporting, management accounting, and taxation. Their responsibilities may include filing taxes and auditing financial statements. This designation is the same as the certified public accountant (CPA) designation in the United States.

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Key TakeAways

Chartered accountants are financial professionals who execute accounting procedures.

The CA designation is granted to accounting professionals in many countries around the world, aside from the United States.

The equivalent to the CA designation in the U.S. is a chartered public accountant.

CAs typically focus on one of the following areas: audit and assurance, financial accounting and reporting, management accounting, and applied finance or taxation.

Some chartered accountant institutions have reciprocity agreements with the U.S., whereby if they pass certain exams, they can work as CPAs.

Duties and Responsibilities of Chartered Accountants (CAs)

As noted above, a chartered accountant is a financial professional who works in the field of accounting. The designation held by CAs is the international equivalent of a CPA in the United States. CAs earn their designation based on the rules and regulations of the country in which they work.

Chartered accountants work both in the private and public sectors for organizations, businesses, governments, and individuals to help them meet their financial needs. They generally focus on one of four areas:

  1. Applied finance
  2. Financial accounting and reporting
  3. Management accounting
  4. Taxation

Depending on their area of focus, CAs may handle one aspect of a company's business, such as auditing financial statements. Others may oversee all of a company's accounting needs or they may work as freelancers who handle accounting matters for multiple clients. The CA designation proves CAs are qualified to file a business's tax return, audit financial statements and business practices, and offer advisory services to clients.

How to Become a Chartered Accountant

Different countries impose different rules and regulations on the process of becoming a CA, which means there is no streamlined path to becoming designated. But CAs generally need a university degree in a related field, such as math, accounting, or finance. Special coursework may also be required to get certified.


For example, prospective accountants in New Zealand must complete a recognized academic program such as a three-year bachelor's degree or an accredited master's degree covering accounting and business topics. Candidates must then complete a practical experience program before they enroll in and complete a CA program. These programs train candidates in modern accounting methods.

In Canada, people who wish to become chartered professional accountants must complete an undergraduate degree with coursework in business and accounting areas. Then they can enroll in a professional education program for chartered professional accountants.

Job Outlook and Salary for CAs

Chartered Accountants have many job opportunities

The job outlook for chartered accountants depends on the country in which you are employed. But there is generally a strong demand for CAs because of the skills they possess, including analytical and technical skills, communication skills, time management, and problem-solving.


In Canada, the median hourly salary for CAs was $38.46 in 2021. The national job market is characterized as good when taking provincial markets into account. The period between 2022 and 2031 is expected to see 88,000 new jobs in this field.3


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the United States combines accountants and auditors into a single category. The job outlook is expected to be 6% between 2021 and 2031, which is as fast as average. It's expected that there will be 81,800 additional jobs created during this 10-year period. The median annual salary was $77,250 in 2021.5

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. "Accountants and Auditors."


Chartered Accountant (CA) vs. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Chartered Accountants have many job opportunities

The main difference between CAs and chartered public accountants is that the CPA is a designation used in the United States, while CA is used in many other countries. The CPA abbreviation can refer to different types of accounting professionals in different parts of the world. For example, in Canada, a CPA is a chartered professional accountant; in Australia, a CPA is a certified practicing accountant.


Members of Chartered Professional Accountants Canada, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, and Chartered Accountants Ireland have a reciprocity agreement with the United States. If these CA professionals pass a test, their qualifications can transfer to the United States, where they may work as CPAs.

What's the Difference Between a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant?

Chartered Accountants have many job opportunities

The primary difference between chartered accountants and certified public accountants is that these designations are used in different parts of the world. But they do perform many of the same functions. Professionals with these designations work in the public and private sector for corporations, individuals, governments, and organizations. The are responsible for filing taxes, applied finance, auditing and financial reporting, and management accounting. In some countries, CAs can pass a test to work in the United States as CPAs.

How Do I Become a Chartered Accountant?

Chartered Accountants have many job opportunities

The requirements to become a chartered accountant depend on the country where you live. But in most cases, you must have at least an undergraduate degree in a related field, such as accounting or finance, and you must complete special coursework to get your designation or certification. Work experience also helps, so if you have the opportunity to do an internship, don't pass up the chance. offers the fastest and most accurate company registration starting at Rs. 4999/- only. Many of the popular startups like zomato, paytm, swiggy, amazon, nykaa, meesho, easemytrip, zoho, udaan, ola, uber, inmobi, dream11, groww, oyo rooms, cred, flipkart, acko, bharatpe, ofbusiness, moglix, zeta, gupshup, angel one, zerodha, upstox, rebel foods, upgrad, vedantu, urban company, droom, cardekho, dunzo, rapido, housing, hasura, delhivery, blackbuck, licious, razorpay, cashfree, payu, zepto, shiprocket, PhysicsWallah, are registered as private limited company. 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