dgft certificate of origin


dgft certificate of origin

DGFT Certificate of Origin: Simplifying Trade for Indian Businesses


In today’s globalized world, trade plays a crucial role in the economic growth of nations. As countries aim to expand their international markets, it becomes essential for businesses to comply with various trade regulations and requirements. One such requirement is the issuance of a DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) Certificate of Origin. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the DGFT Certificate of Origin, its significance, and the process involved for Indian businesses.

Understanding the DGFT Certificate of Origin

The DGFT Certificate of Origin is an official document issued by the Indian government that certifies the country of origin of specific goods being exported. It serves as proof that the goods being exported are indeed produced or manufactured in India. This certification is vital for businesses involved in international trade, as it helps them claim various benefits and concessions provided by the Indian government under different trade agreements and incentive schemes.

Significance of the DGFT Certificate of Origin

The DGFT Certificate of Origin holds immense significance for Indian businesses. Firstly, it enables them to establish credibility and authenticity in the international market by confirming the origin of their goods. Many countries have non-tariff trade barriers in place, and having a proper certificate of origin can help Indian exporters overcome such barriers.

Secondly, the certificate plays a crucial role in availing preferential tariffs under Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). India has entered into multiple FTAs with various countries and regional trading blocs. These agreements provide a range of benefits, including reduced import duties, quota exemptions, and simplified custom procedures for goods originating from India. However, to avail of these benefits, businesses must possess a valid DGFT Certificate of Origin.

Process for Obtaining a DGFT Certificate of Origin

The process for obtaining a DGFT Certificate of Origin is streamlined to facilitate ease of doing business for Indian exporters. The first step involves businesses being registered with the DGFT online portal. Once registered, they can apply for the certificate using the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system. The application must include relevant information such as details of the goods, its HS (Harmonized System) code, the exporter’s details, and supporting documents.

The next step involves the Customs authorities scrutinizing the application and supporting documents provided by the exporter. If everything is in order, the Certificate of Origin is issued electronically. Additionally, the DGFT has implemented a provision for self-certification under certain schemes, further simplifying the process.

Benefits and Incentives

The DGFT Certificate of Origin opens up a world of benefits and incentives for Indian businesses engaged in international trade. Firstly, it allows them to avail preferential tariffs under various FTAs, thus making their goods more competitive in the global market. Reduced tariffs translate into higher profit margins and increased possibilities for Indian exporters to explore new markets.

Moreover, some countries have specific import quotas for goods from particular origins. With a valid Certificate of Origin, Indian exporters gain an advantage over competitors from non-FTA countries, as they can fulfill the quota requirements easily.

Furthermore, the certificate facilitates hassle-free clearance at customs by eliminating the need for rigorous checks, thereby saving time and reducing logistics costs. It also helps Indian businesses maintain transparent trade practices and avoid any penalties or legal complications in foreign markets.


In conclusion, the DGFT Certificate of Origin is a vital document for Indian businesses engaged in international trade. It provides credibility, access to preferential tariffs, and a competitive advantage in the global market. By simplifying trade procedures and ensuring compliance, the Indian government aims to promote exports, boost economic growth, and enhance the visibility of Indian products on the international stage. Businesses should make it a priority to obtain and utilize the DGFT Certificate of Origin to maximize their trade opportunities and contribute towards building a stronger Indian economy.,


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dgft certificate of origin

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dgft certificate of origin

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